About NMH

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As the national representative of larger partner organizations, we unite companies with much needed solutions to pronounced, long standing challenges in the healthcare space.


The services we seek to present must meet our goal of recognizable value as a newly enabled key component of enterprise financial strategy.


New Model Health was founded with a mission of merging proven, traditional methods with newly identified technologies and approaches to produce meaningful innovation and value for employers, health payers, providers and most importantly, the individuals they support.

We recognize the core benefit of tried and true processes while remaining aware that combining them with new developments in technology, communication and analytics often presents a means to achieve a quantum leap beyond present day effectiveness.

At the heart of our goals, we also strive to bridge the divide that frequently exists between advisable business decisions and human consequence. We seek to deliver those rare win-win arrangements that serve both individuals and the bottom line.

To this end, our cornerstone products include hyper-enhanced versions of traditional service sets allowing employers and health plans to identify, measure and address individual employee/member health conditions as well as present and future group risk and cost exposure.

NMH maintains representatives in Pennsylvania and California and gladly supports clients throughout the nation.