Biometric Screening

Biometric DETECTION and Measurement of Illness and Chronic Conditions

Biometric Screening, which includes blood testing and health assessment, is used nationwide by thousands of employers for millions of employees annually who readily recognize its value. The current approach used by the vast majority of screening providers includes a lipid/glucose panel detecting only 18% of illnesses and chronic conditions.  Our broad, industry-leading 49-point panel blood panel captures well over 80% of illness and chronic conditions.  This enables over 4X the amount of health cost intervention for chronic condition and high dollar claims. This is where our program focuses.  We balance cost and effectiveness by using the broadest panel possible at a price point that still makes good sense to employers.

Among other elements our blood panel alone detects heart disease and stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, Liver and gallbladder abnormalities, nutritional and gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, infections and certain cancers.

Combined with our health risk assessment, the two approaches overlap to become a potent detection mechanism. There are other screening providers who can perform our level of testing but none can come close to the pricing enabled by our #1 volume to the largest lab in the nation or provide our comprehensive data.

New Model Health can provide you with a highly cost-effective solution offering a much more economical, readily deployable and data-rich process than even the largest medical systems can deliver internally.  



As part of performing blood collection, health assessment, lab testing and reporting to employees/employers at a lower cost, our services include the following as part of our low price point:

  1.   Group (>25) testing events at employer/hospital sites conducted by our nationwide staff
  2.   Individual testing (absentees, new hires) through national labs, doctors or hospitals
  3.   A broad 49-point blood panel that is far more comprehensive than the typical  lipid/glucose approach promoted by others.
  4.   A Health Risk Assessment survey (Performed electronically during group testing or on-line for  individuals.)
  5.   Measurement of BP and BMI
  6.   Individual provision of results reporting to employees
  7.   Provision of a physician consultation report for review with employee’s physician
  8.   Provision of a detailed health report to employees explaining the specific findings of the combined lab and health assessment, noting need for intervention into any chronic conditions or     developing conditions and suggesting ways to improve health.
  9.   Direct phone RN outreach to anyone found to have a serious illness/condition within 72 hours
  10.   In-depth, aggregated employer group data containing actual numbers of condition/illness states     by type and associated costs to employer based on nationally established data and much more

All of this is delivered by our national partner organization and made available at rates available only through New Model Health and our collective buying power.

Our organization of nearly one thousand personnel currently operates nationwide performing hundreds of thousands of tests annually.  Our program sees 95% rates of participation and satisfaction and nearly 100% annual renewal.   It’s used by major corporations and many hospitals – 70% in our initial target state alone – many of which benefit by becoming paid biometric collection sites and serving as trusted wellness advisors in their community. We can deploy to your site in as little as sixty days.   Hospitals and Medical Organizations: By using our services, provider organizations establish an intermediary between management and employees to promote assurances that individual employee health data will remain confidential and further eliminates potential HIPAA exposure.