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The most cost effective, comprehensive health-risk identification and intervention available today.

Despite our highly advanced medical system, the United States manifests disease more than any nation on Earth. As a whole, Americans become less healthy each year.

At the same time premiums, deductibles and co-pays go up while there is no assumption that overall health will improve. >>

There is a better process.


At New Model Health, we combine existing means of accurate disease and illness detection and encourage intervention through knowledge.

We greatly increase member/employee participation in their own care through direct layman’s insight into their conditions.

While New Model Health serves members in all categories of health, our core intervention focuses on impacting employees whose conditions represent the high-dollar claims cost of tomorrow.

Pinpoint identification of chronic conditions and illness.


Our biometric testing is the most cost-effective and comprehensive, health risk control program.

Utilizing a level of screening that surpasses most executive exams, our 49 point blood panel detects a broad array of health conditions. The result is a concise health profile described in everyday terms for your employees to review - and proven to move them to seek care sooner, at lower cost and better outcomes.

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Proactive, targeted engagement in customized provider-led care plans.


Intervention - New Model HealthWe utilize a broad spectrum of therapies and wellness services that will exceed your expectations and maximize employee participation.

Our precision approach targets specific individuals with chronic conditions, reducing illness and promoting the overall wellness of your employees. This results in reduced claim incidence, lower health costs and more productive, happier employees.

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Actionable data to optimize group insurance strategies and improve individual health.


In addition to employee health reporting we provide employers with direct insight into the vulnerabilities present in their population to permit informed decisions on insurance approaches, risk corridors and stop-loss

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Wellness is a core component of business financial strategy.


Why we succeed:


Detailed "present and future facing" employee population data and risk profile informs employer health insurance decisions.  This positions brokers/TPA's as providers of valuable/actionable information - not rearward looking risk "estimates" based on past claim data.  Optional use of past claim data merged with our Biometric results identifies expensive gaps in care, bringing cost savings from data analysis to new levels. 


RN and Therapist-based coaching includes three yearly outreaches (calls) to employees to directly engage them in reviewing biometric results, collecting additional health risk data to validate biometric results, reviewing health lifestyle choices and discussing identified gaps in care to further avert onset of costly, life-impacting conditions.


Unlimited coaching access is provided along with access to an Employee/Dependent Engagement Platform providing an Electronic Health Record (which can be interfaced with other EHRs), symptom checker, Health Grades (c), and informative health information.

Brokers and TPAs

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Truly uncover future client risk exposure. Bring meaningful value to clients and create a new recurring commission stream for YOU.

Over 99% of employer clients renew bio-metric testing services annually.


Available together or separately, our bio-metric screening, Coaching and Data Analysis plans are readily available for immediate roll-out.


Vault - New Model Health HIPPA ComplianceOur Employee/Member Electronic Medical Record and all processes are fully HIPAA-compliant.
On Call - New Model Health

Records can be forwarded to your employee’s primary care physician to ensure continuity of care.



What Does This Mean for Employers?


  • Diagnostic insight to each population’s present and future conditions - enabling informed insurance strategy decisions.
  • Data-targeted engagement of today and tomorrow’s most costly individuals to reduce overall health spend.
  • Transitioning people from healthcare consumption to illness prevention.