Group Risk Data


You’ve never before had access to concise, informative, useful group health profile data like this.

CFOs and actuaries covet this data. Your third party administrator or insurance broker does not presently offer our services or population data – but once they learn of it, they quickly want to work with us.  

Estimating yearly employer health insurance funding based solely on rearward-facing (old) claim data and projections – and then hoping for the best – is over.



Early stage detection, broad treatment-set intervention and actionable data comprise the future ideal for employer-funded coverage and health plan population cost control.

Our process includes an aggregated, detailed profiling of your group providing 150 pages of clear view into your company or plan’s collective present and future health risk exposure; the most data of any provider in the market.

This allows informed decisions on full vs. self-insurance, benefit designs, advisable deductibles, risk corridors and setting stop loss coverage at optimal levels.


We have proven ROI showing downward health spend trends and in many cases reduction of total expenditures to below levels present at service inception.

Our model clearly averts countless claims that, in the wait-and-hope model, cost employers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually.

How is what you are doing now working for you…?


Comprehensive population data is the missing element.  Measure present exposure accurately.  See your future exposure in advance of making strategic insurance decisions.

Biometric Screening

Wellness Intervention