Through our exclusive position as national distributor, New Model Health offers the Biometric Screening and Wellness Plans delivered by our partner organizations at the lowest pricing available.


Our Biometric Screening and Wellness Programs are available separately or as a combined, even more effective approach. Together, they represent approximately 2% of typical per employee health insurance cost – yet produce far greater returns.

Biometric Screening

Screening includes:


  • On/Off-site Blood Draw and Assessment

  • Lab Testing

  • Employee/Member Reports and Notification

  • Employer ReportingFor Plan/Employer

More specifics:


  • Group testing event coordination, online employee registration, set-up, performance

  • Individual testing (absentees, new hires) through a national lab or local provider location

  • Measurement of BP and BMI

  • Individual provision of results to employees

  • Easily understood employee health report explaining their specific lab measures

  • Direct phone RN outreach to anyone found to have a serious illness

  • In-depth, aggregated employee population data reporting for employer

$110 Per Person - Once Yearly

Health Intervention Coaching, Assessment and Data Optimization

  • Unlimited annual health coaching with direct outreach and engagement of employees/members
  • Addition of Coach-facilitated Health Assessment
  • Enhanced data profiling including merge of claim data (for self-funded employers) with Biometric Measures and Health Assessment 
  • Detailed employer health risk forecasting
  • Group health performance tracking to measure real ROI


$8 Per Employee/Member Per Month (PE/MPM) $6 PE/MPM For Commercially insured groups (no claim data integration)

The combined cost of both products is $206 per year. ($182 for Commercially Insureds)