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High-Dollar and Recurring Health Claims are one of any company’s greatest financial vulnerabilities.


The most common cause behind these claims include unknown early stage illness such as cancer and chronic conditions that go undetected, untreated or under-treated until they reach serious levels.

Are you able to detect, reduce and avert present and future high dollar employee health claims?

New Model Health offers an integrated, three phase solution that works well with your current health insurance model to:

  • Identify and measure health conditions down to the individual level
  • Engage at-risk (costly) individuals directly in an interactive care plan with ongoing provider touch points
  • Aggregate employer/plan data to provide a clear view into the present and future financial risk exposure present in the population

Detection - Intervention - Data

- Lowest cost, comprehensive Biometric DETECTION

- Most proactive outreach and INTERVENTION in the industry

- Most complete, actionable DATA available for employer groups.

Reduce your health risk exposure and improve your bottom line while helping your employees toward healthier, more productive lives.


If this sounds practical to you, the following links contain additional detail on each of our approaches.

Biometric Screening
Health Intervention
Group Risk Data

Note: NMH Biometric Services are also available as a stand-alone service.