Vision Statement

The United States manifests disease at higher rates than any nation in history.  This is wrong.  This is entirely counter to our rationale, our knowledge, our capability, technology and our status in the world in which we live and compete.


And every year, we watch almost helplessly as health premiums increase and health inflation sizably outpaces the rest of the economy.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less. But always continuing to take a major bite out of our budgets and pockets.


What New Model Health provides will positively impact the future health of millions of employees and health plan members across America.


It is detection over simply waiting helplessly and accepting that we will one day become ill.   It is early-stage prevention and intervention instead of late stage, high cost, unnecessarily intense treatment.  It is improving the quality of lives.  Lengthening lives.  Saving lives.


This is something we should all do.  For ourselves.  For our family.  For our employees and for our company’s bottom line.  For our economy and toward our government’s solvency.


Need we say more?  Think we we’re being dramatic?  Think we are shamelessly self-promoting?


Think about it:  How many people’s lives, finances and life experience are ruined by health – directly or due to a loved one’s condition?  Apply that reality across 300 million+ Americans and ponder how many of them have chronic conditions, serious illness, depression, cancers and had no advance vision into their health.  Think about those conditions possibly residing within you, your family member and your company’s employee population. That’s quite a cloud over our future.


The answer has been hiding in plain sight.


Technology now makes it even easier to see.  We’ll bring you, your family and your company to where we all should be – faster, more effectively and less costly than any other provider.  Even if you are a fully integrated health system or health plan, you could not do this better yourself, or for less.  Let’s get to work on this now.  Regardless of time of year, whether you are a self-funded employer or commercially insured population, there is much to be lost by waiting and much to be gained by beginning to turn your population’s health approach from reactive to proactive.