Health Intervention

We don’t rest on best practices.  We deploy “next” practices.

The most effective clinician-delivered INTERVENTION OUTREACH in the industry. Low cost, phone and electronic outreach to engage ALL of your employees/members at levels of participation that greatly exceed the industry standard. Outreach and INTERVENTION enabled by direct identification of illness, conditions, trending health measures and identified gaps in care. Targeting Health.  Targeting Savings.


For over thirty years, the Wellness industry has been promising big results and delivering little success. Their approach has been minimal, peripheral.   Weight management and smoking cessation are good pursuits but the medical cost of these conditions is far less than other common areas that typical Wellness plans fail to address.

Walking paths, salad Wednesdays, gift cards, gym memberships, on-line games – all fine.

But none get down to the business of merging and using Biometric testing AND Health Assessment AND Claims data to target and outreach to your employee population regarding their specific, existing and trending conditions to effect intervention.

New Model Health’s provider partner delivers a wide array of medical care guidance via direct advisory and direction sessions with your employees/members to complement, cross-validate and further any care they may be receiving – and jump start care for the vast amount of illness in every population that is not being addressed.  We eliminate costly gaps in care and provide an EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM to keep members engaged in their MAP (My Action Plan) and provide meaningful tools such as Health Assessment, Health Grades and Symptom Checker.


Why we succeed:

  • Pinpoint identification of illness, condition and negative health trends at the individual level.
  • Direct outreach to engage employees/members in communication.
  • At least 3 points of contact each – to discuss their Biometric Screening Results, to intake a brief yet telling Health Risk Assessment including life style practices, and lastly to review costly gaps in care (check-ups, Rx, therapy, screenings, etc.) and the individual action plan of future tasks.
  • Contacts continue throughout the year as the member desires/requires and repeat each year thereafter, for ALL.

Wellness Providers rely on individuals to come to them.  No wonder most of them see engagement rates of less than 5%.  They use fluffy lures and gimmicky schemes to entice individuals to websites filled with a jumble of information with no central guidance.  In the end they typically attract only the healthiest members of a group and dispense only topical guidance.  However:

  • On average, the healthiest 20% of the typical employer population creates only 1.2% of healthcare costs.
  • The least healthy 20% of the typical employer population creates 88% of healthcare costs. And these are not just those with cancers and other immediately life threatening disease. These include those with chronic conditions, joint/skeletal issues and behavioral health problems.

So which group would you focus on? The least healthy 20% is where NMH’s service partners are able to identify the most opportunity. This is, by far, the area where the greatest cost and quality of life impact can be achieved. Following this, we also involve those who are trending toward serious chronic condition levels.

For the healthy, we offer ample resources to educate, consult and further enhance their good health.  REGARDLESS – we outreach to ALL of your employees/members each year, every year to engage, inform and avoid costly gaps in recommended care and assure the savings and improved health that only advanced detection and monitoring can produce.  

We provide Lifestyle Management Coaching that includes relationship-building one on one engagement with an assigned coach.  On average, our certified, degreed coaches have 16 years of coaching experience. The Program is delivered though one-on-one interaction with experienced Registered Nurses, Therapists, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists and Healthcare Professionals.  Areas of specialty include Exercise, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Telemetry, ER, Medical Nutrition Therapy, CAD, Pulmonary Disease, CHF, Diabetes, Stress Management and General Well-Being.

We engage and empower people in their own care.


Biometric Screening

Group Risk Data